Heartbreaking: Hundreds Joined Walnut The Dog For His Last Walk On The Beach

1Walnut, a whippet from Cornwall, was joined by hundreds of other dogs and their owners for his heartbreaking final walk on the beach before being put down on Saturday

The heartbroken owner of Walnut has said his final goodbye to his beloved whippet after having him put to sleep minutes after hundreds of animal lovers joined him on the beach on the dog’s last ever walk.

Mark Woods stole the nation’s heart after he appealed for fellow dog lovers to join him on his last walk with Walnut, the 18-year-old whippet he has had since a puppy.

Posting on Facebook shortly after the lovable pet had been put down, Mark described how Walnut ‘went very quickly and in my arms’, with his three other whippets in attendance.

Hordes of well-wishers, many accompanied by their own dogs, joined Mark and his family earlier in the day on a wind swept Porth beach in Newquay for Walnut’s emotional farewell.

Mark carried Walnut across the beach in Cornwall as his health has deteriorated in old age and he’s no longer able to walk.


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