Why Is My Dog Eating Poop And How To Stop It?

2From a wild dog to a pet

One explanation of this disgusting habit of dog eating poop originates from our dogs` wild ancestors’ behavior and instincts. Before domesticated, dogs were scavengers, which basically means they would eat whatever they could find, including waste of other animals.

It seems hard to believe that your picky dog which only agrees on eating a particular kind of tasty dog food has anything to do with wild scavengers, but it is true. So, eating poop is the reminiscence of the past that sometimes reappears in the behavior pattern of our pet dogs.

You may notice that a mother sometimes eats feces of her newborn puppies, which is also an instinct that originates from when dogs were wild animals. In order to keep them safe and hide the traces of the newborns from predators, mothers used to eat their puppies feces.

Scent of the feces could lead the predators straight to the puppies who would have been an easy prey.

So now, although the conditions are completely different, some dogs still display those instinct based actions. If your dog`s poop eating is actually caused by these reminiscences of old times, problem can be solved with training.

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