Why Is My Dog Eating Poop And How To Stop It?

1Multiple Reasons For The Cause, Have To Understand & Deal With It Quick

Romantic pictures of a gorgeous, cuddly creature that you share your time and living space with tend to go down the drain the moment you catch your beloved dog eating poop.

Even worse than your dog`s occasional poop eating is poop eating on a regular basis.

Some owners simply give up and never let their dogs off the leash to avoid the possibility of poop eating ever happening, but avoiding risky situations is only a step away from ignoring the problem, and what is even more important – it means that the real cause of the particular behavior is never dealt with.

If the cause is not being dealt with, the manifestation will not stop either and may even evolve into some other unacceptable habit.

Dogs eat their own, their fellow dogs` or completely random feces for various reasons. Sources of this behavior may be health issues related, nutrition related as well as caused by neglecting bad habits and a lack of proper training.

Therefore, dealing with this problem may sometimes take more than a “Bad dog!” lesson and may also require consulting a vet.

The term that refers to this type of behavior is Coprophagia. So, although it sure is easier to keep your dog away from poop, training your dog not to eat it or figuring out why he did it in the first place is certainly the way to get rid of that habit permanently.


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