5 Ways to identify if your dog is sick

5 Ways to identify if your dog is sick

1. 5 Ways to identify if your dog is sick

Being a dog owner, you (and us all) have a huge responsibility to not only provide food, water, and love to our dog, but also looking after their overall general well-being. They depend on us to take care of their health.

Long time dog owners tend to have a knack at identifying times when their dogs are not feeling well and hence know when to bring them on a trip to the vet. On the other hand, the lesser-experienced owners may not find it as easy to differentiate between a tired dog and a sick dog.

Knowing whether your dog is sick is VITAL – It can be a life and death matter. Click next to continue reading and discover the 5 ways to identify if your dog is sick.

A couple of things you can see in a healthy dog:

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  • They will have a normal temperature of 101 to 102 degrees F
  • Their fur/coat is full with no bald spots,
  • Their eyes are bright and attentive
  • Their ears have no odor and are clean,
  • The skin is soft or pliant (this indicates they are properly hydrated)

How about signs that show they are ill?

This includes any hacking, coughing, wheezing, gagging, vomiting or retching. These are the 5 ways you can identify if they are sick: